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Whilst I was working on Monday, an enthusiastic gentleman I was helping asked whether I had seen the John Ruskin Prize 2017 winners. He went on to tell me about the Artists who have work featured in the Shortlist Exhibition on at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield, mentioning I should check out a Paper Artist called Louisa Boyd. Later on that day, I checked out Louisa Boyd’s website and was blown away at her amazing Art work’s.



Louisa Boyd


Artist; work consisting of Paper Art, Paintings and printing techniques.


Why am I blogging about her? 

I follow a lot of Paper Artists/Paper Art accounts on Instagram so I constantly see different styles of paper manipulation. When I saw Louisa’s work it was like nothing I had seen before. There’s always a small buzz of excitement when an Artist finds another Artists work so inspiring and motivating. Both myself and Louisa create works inspired by natural elements and use books as a medium for our work however, it’s interesting to see how we have taken completely different approaches to portraying and creating an idea. Sometimes I don’t seek out new art enough so I am grateful to the enthusiastic gentleman I spoke to on Monday (I sadly didn’t get his name) for recommending the Exhibition to me. I haven’t managed to get to Sheffield yet so if you’ve already been to the gallery or see it before I get around to it, let me know your thought’s!

Pass on the happiness.

All images belong to Louisa Boyd.


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Seeking out Inspiration

Confession time; I love listening to motivational speeches.

When I can’t prioritize or organise my thought’s I usually find listening to a motivational speech really helps me to focus. Have you ever watched the film, Pursuit of Happyness? If you have, you’ll know the feeling you get after you’ve watched it. It’s the feeling of wanting to succeed and improve, regardless of life’s difficulties, whether big or small. This is the feeling I get when I listen to motivational speeches. Lately I have been experiencing a lot of creative block so I actively seek inspiration, rather than wait for it to come to me.

The current speech I am listening to is Matthew McConaughey’s – The habit that kills your dreams. McConaughey lists his top ten rules to succeeding and improving your life. Some of you may be able to relate to it, some of you may not, the link is below for you to listen to regardless.

The habit that kills your dream

Images belong to Motivation Addicts YouTube channel.

Pass on the happiness.


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‘We’re not raising awareness; we’re raising compassion.’


Hairdresser, Josh Coombes and Matt Spracklen, an international photographer, founders of the movement Do Something For Nothing.


The movement #dosomethingfornothing was born when hairdresser, Josh Coombes started cutting homeless people’s hair for free. Teaming up with his friend, Matt Spracklen, to document the process, they took it upon themselves to tour this idea around the south-west towns and cities. The idea behind the movement is to create inspiration and awareness of the fact that we are all able to do something for someone, for nothing. The best way to get this inspiration across to the masses was to create the hashtag #dosomethingfornothing and allow it to trend across social media platforms.


Why am I blogging about it? 

I’m not suggesting you go out and cut people’s hair, it’s literally just about doing one thing that creates a positive outcome. If this blog inspires someone to go onto the #dosomethingfornothing Instagram page and follow their movement, that’s brilliant. If it inspires someone to even just think about creating a positive outcome then it’s all worth it. It’s as simple as the title, do something for nothing.

Please visit or Instagram for more information on this brilliant movement.

All images belong to Do something for nothing.

Pass on the happiness.


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Artistic Connections

‘No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.’

 William Blake

Art is a big part of my life, I believe connecting with other Artists is essential to moving forward with your work and idea’s. The idea of this blog was to create inspiring and positive content, my intention is to write about the Artists that firstly, inspire me and the way I work and secondly challenge and change the way people view the world for the better, through art. 


Boris Ipsum is an Artist from Germany. His Artworks consists of paper Art, Illustration, Illumination and Graphic Design. 

What does he create? 

As you can see from the images on his Instagram page, Boris creates complex structures and sculptural pieces through the use of layered paper and cardboard. Using a range of lighting techniques he is able to change the dimensions of the artwork, which results in challenging the viewer’s perception. All the artworks are beautifully handcrafted to a professional standard.


Why am I blogging about it? 

1. Boris Ipsum is a very talented Artist. His level of skill as a paper Artist is something I aspire to.

2. We all have them Instagram friends that are consistently positive and supportive of your work. Boris has been a big supporter of my work and idea’s from the start of my Instagram account, at times when I have doubted my own train of thought he has suggested I look at it in a more positive light. Genuine artistic connections and support for other people’s art work is something I beyond appreciate and encourage.

3. He is what I like to call a ‘good egg’. I can only base this on social media interact alone as we are yet to meet in person but I believe Boris to be wonderful positive person. I have never seen any negative comments or correspondence from him. When social media is filled with negative comments and general pathetic trolling, it is so refreshing to find someone taking time out of their day to be nice to others.


Getting back to the artwork, please visit these links for more information and images. All imagery used in this blog belongs to the Artist.


Who has inspired your work today?




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The inspiration behind starting a blog.

Have you ever come across the book ‘The Art Of Shouting Quietly’ by Pete Mosley? If not and you’re in any self-promotion Business, I suggest you buy it.

Who is Pete Mosley? 

In his own words, Pete works with people who aspire to do or create extraordinary thing. He is the Author behind the two books, ‘Make your creativity pay’ and ‘The art of shouting quietly’. After training with the UK’s premier coaching company, Pete has gone on to working with a diverse range of creative clients and delivers talks and workshops on the art of self-promotion.

What is the book about? 

As stated on the cover, ‘The Art Of Shouting Quietly’ is a guide to self-promotion for introverts and other quiet souls. Don’t be quick to judge a book by it cover though, just because you wouldn’t class yourself as an introvert doesn’t mean the tips and advice can’t help you to up your game when promoting your work. From start to finish, Mosley takes you through stages of how to deal with being a quieter soul in your chosen field, giving you worksheets and asking questions that require deeply honest answers.

Why am I blogging about it? 

This book has become my inspiration behind starting this blog. I wouldn’t necessarily class myself as a shy person, I am confident in meeting and talking to new people but I definitely enjoy my own company. Whilst this is good for getting a lot of work done, it’s not so good for when I finally need to get my work out there and network with the right people. From completing the stages in the book, I have come to realise the things I am truly passionate about. Inspiration and positivity, whether in the creative world or not, are at the top of my list.

For more information on Pete Mosley visit










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