Discovering Artists


Whilst I was working on Monday, an enthusiastic gentleman I was helping asked whether I had seen the John Ruskin Prize 2017 winners. He went on to tell me about the Artists who have work featured in the Shortlist Exhibition on at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield, mentioning I should check out a Paper Artist called Louisa Boyd. Later on that day, I checked out Louisa Boyd’s website and was blown away at her amazing Art work’s.



Louisa Boyd


Artist; work consisting of Paper Art, Paintings and printing techniques.


Why am I blogging about her? 

I follow a lot of Paper Artists/Paper Art accounts on Instagram so I constantly see different styles of paper manipulation. When I saw Louisa’s work it was like nothing I had seen before. There’s always a small buzz of excitement when an Artist finds another Artists work so inspiring and motivating. Both myself and Louisa create works inspired by natural elements and use books as a medium for our work however, it’s interesting to see how we have taken completely different approaches to portraying and creating an idea. Sometimes I don’t seek out new art enough so I am grateful to the enthusiastic gentleman I spoke to on Monday (I sadly didn’t get his name) for recommending the Exhibition to me. I haven’t managed to get to Sheffield yet so if you’ve already been to the gallery or see it before I get around to it, let me know your thought’s!

Pass on the happiness.

All images belong to Louisa Boyd.



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